Programme 2018

Our meeting and visit programme for 2018 is:

January - no meeting.

Thursday 1st February - "four tables" by members; different dowsing topics

Thursday 1st March - "Holy Sites, Sacred Spaces" - Adrian Incledon-Webber

Thursday 5th April - "Walking the Megalithic Stone Rows of Europe" - Peter Knight

Thursday 3rd May - "Leylines, Templars and Destiny amidst our English Landscape" - Mark Herbert"

Thursday 7th June - "Dowsing for Water and Services" - Linda Prenter

Thursday 5th July - "The Mystery of Rennes le Chateau - Mary Magdalene" - Steve Dawson

Thursday 2nd August - Training evening, led by SHD Training Officer Glan Jones

Thursday 6th September - "Dowsing for Healing" - Ced Jackson

Thursday 4th October - "Medicinal Herbs in Your Garden" - Caroline Sheldrick

Thursday 1st November - Annual General Meeting

Thursday 6th December - Christmas Dinner

For full details download our full programme here.